Business Research & Pre-Sales


  • Illumine is a pioneer in designing and deploying large-scale knowledge interventions that help organizations and institutions achieve their business outcomes through precise shifts in thinking at scale.

  • Over the past 20 years, Illumine has worked on knowledge interventions with some of India’s largest organizations & institutions across industries including – SBI, Asian Paints, Bharat Petroleum, Tata Steel, TCS, Indian Railways, etc. to name a few.

  • In the process of doing so, Illumine has continuously evolved its methodology to a level where it is able to carry out change projects with consistent change outcomes at very large-scales (100,000+) and in very short times.

  • While so far, we have worked with premium clients in India, we would like to expand and work with global institutions (large corporations, developmental agencies, government, education, etc.).

Goal of Business Research & Pre-Sales

  • Map domestic / global markets to identify new opportunities & client partners for Illumine.

  • Create the conditions for sales & marketing success in chosen markets & customer groups.

Role of Business Research & Pre-Sales

  1. Sense-making the market to identify market potential for propositions.

  2. Identify specific target segments / clusters in the market.

  3. Identify deeper challenges, needs and trends in industries / companies that need Illumine’s interventions.

  4. Build data-based insights about the market which demonstrates the need for the proposition to potential partners.

  5. Enable the sales team to create customized propositions for the target companies through deeper insights - existing thinking & initiatives, key people in organizational structure, etc.

  6. Educate the market through white papers and other knowledge enablers about the proposition.

  7. Enable firm positioning by mapping current & future competitors / solutions in the market for challenges identified.

Who can apply?

Basic criteria to apply - You have minimum 2-3 years of work experience in Business Research, Management Consulting, Pre-Sales, Venture Capital / Private Equity, etc.

Some capabilities we are looking for -

  • Passionate about understanding how businesses & business models work

  • Desire & ability to see markets & organizations differently from a new point of view

  • Ability to go beyond the obvious and seek deeper patterns & structures in the market.

  • Ability to cut through the clutter and not getting lost in data / information

  • Ability to demonstrate rigor and discipline in your research & product-building process

  • Ability to deeply understand the ‘knowledge / cognitive space’ in which Illumine works.

What is sacrosanct?

To us, philosophy is very important.

Illumine has a strong value system around helping organizations build contributive businesses that are focused on -

  • building customer trust,

  • delivering human-centric solutions,

  • achieving win-win outcomes for all stakeholders – both inside and outside the organization,

  • empowering individuals to unleash their potential (not controlling them).

We expect people who seek to join Illumine in to value the ideals described above.

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About Illumine

Illumine is a research & innovation lab that specializes in the area of ‘meta-knowledge’. Meta-Knowledge shapes the way people think, work with ideas, engage with society and build their own life-philosophies.

Over 25 years, Illumine has worked with schools, universities, leading corporations and government institution across the country on how deep human change can be implemented at scale, with consistent change outcomes. Our knowledge & deployment technologies have enabled us to impact over 5 million people so far.

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