Role: Product Development Lead for Discovery Learning Interfaces

Design & build of discovery learning interfaces that bring to life deep human ideas

knowledge product builder

Building Idea Discovery Products 


The opportunity 

This is an opportunity for you to inspire thousands of people (such as students, working professionals, government employees etc.) to bring in positive change in their lives through the power of deep human ideas. 

What is expected of you 

In this role you are expected to take end-to-end ownership and work with the team for the design and build of digital-based, discovery learning interfaces that allow for self-learning and exploration. Through these products, people can engage with an idea/ concept, understand it, explore it, enjoy it. Your goal is to enable this discovery of conceptual insight and understanding.

What this involves:  

  • Constructing multi-layered, discovery learning engagements, weaving in the content to meet the messaging goals around specific constructs, ideas or ways of thinking. 

  • Visualization, communication and representation of the ideas-in-action to bring it to life for people  

  • Creatively visualizing ways to enrich the learning experience through rich-media, explainers, cognitive animations, role play enactments, etc.  

  • Build an ecosystem of creative partners and work with them to build specific creative components that tie into the learning experience 

  • Integration into high-quality, visually packaged, world-class product that can go out to users 

  • Continuous user testing for ensuring effectiveness 

The Ideal candidate  

 You are likely to succeed in this role, if you –  

  • Enjoy knowledge and ideas related to human-growth and ideals (e.g. resilience, open-mindedness, courage) 

  • Have a strong narrative ability and ability to structure knowledge  

  •  Ability to design and compose high-quality, packaged interfaces  

  • Discipline and stamina to systematically product several units i.e. production ability

  • Experience in communication design, entering into learning

  • Experience in multimedia and rich content building

Explore before you connect with us:

  1. The Illumine Labs website:
  2. See Illumine’s Foundation-front & Consulting-front which makes these products and interventions happen on the ground with communities and corporate companies
  3. Watch videos on our YouTube channel to explore the some of the driving ideas:
  4. Read books/ webpages on the ideas that Illumine works on:

To learn more and to apply, connect with Maurvika Patnekar []