Role: Knowledge based Selling

Become a Leader in “Knowledge-based Selling” at Illumine Labs 

Help us share the power of transformation through knowledge interventions – for business, education and social change. 

In 2011, when the sales industry saw a potential breakthrough in selling called “The Challenger Sale” it upgraded the notion of selling as beyond relationship building or providing solutions to challenging the customer’s assumptions and building insight-led conversations. While the Challenger Sale is still relevant, in a post-covid world, customers are not just looking to be challenged, but are also looking to build businesses that can positively impact people’s lives.

Here is an opportunity for you to build the next breakthrough in sales through “Knowledge based selling”. If you believe in the future potential of knowledge-based businesses, if the opportunity of taking a knowledge lab to market excites you, then you might be just the person we are looking for.

What’s the ‘lab’ about?

Illumine is a Knowledge Solutions lab which builds breakthrough knowledge products and knowledge interventions.

These are aimed at enabling individuals, communities, and organizations to rise up to the challenge of a new environment, and realize their own aspirations more effectively.

The labs’s Intellectual property has been successfully deployed & impacted over 4 million people across varied industries like Banking, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, Construction, Steel, Insurance, Mutual Funds etc. and some of the largest educational institutions in India like IIT Delhi and Gujarat Technological university.

What’s the ‘to market’ about?

We have converted these ‘lab’ innovations into a range of transformation products & interventions. We seek to now open our doors digitally and create customized offerings for different market segments – across domains and industries, both in India and abroad. 

Some examples of offerings include (a) programmatic interventions that enable youth to build the necessary cognitive skills & work practices needed for a sustainable career in a fast changing world, (b) enabling people who have taken VRS from large organizations to re-orient their thinking for a career 2.0, and (c) cognitive interventions to help organizational workforces upgrade their mindsets and work practices so that they are future ready.

The opportunity as we see it is tremendous, almost parallel to the automation opportunity that is unfolding today in the world. We therefore seek a future-oriented sales leader who can be our business development & sales lead.

We expect you to be the driver of change in Illumine through market pull. You need to be as excited as us, to take up this lab to market story and make it a reality! An ideal candidate will be akin to an evangelist who can showcase the importance of our products to new audiences across geographies

Who can apply?

–  An “opportunity creator,” who is passionate about knowledge-based selling

–  You have the capacity to do direct outreach, understand every opportunity & convert it into business 

–  You are able to build a network of partners for our product portfolio

–  You are able to proactively canvas and close deals with potential customers & partners 

–  You have a command over either of the two markets – corporate or educational

Explore before you dive! 

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