Role: Knowledge Product Builder

Do you want to design and build products that
enable ‘human 
change at scale  ?

knowledge product builder

Knowledge Product Builder


For over 25 years, Illumine Labs has been working on building the science of ‘human change at scale’ (Glimpse into our vision).

We are looking for a thoughtful & engaged person who has the ability to go deep into knowledge, especially knowledge related to human development. This includes areas such as building self-esteem, enabling shifts in thinking, building adaptive response capability to challenges, etc. 

You will be part of the Assimilation Products Development team that designs and builds products such as scalable coaching programs, tools for reflection & self-discovery, app-based microlearning, multimodal learning experiences, etc. for both physical as well as digital environments. As part of the team, you may be involved in few or all phases of the product development including researching, designing, architecting & constructing, developing, prototyping & testing, and implementing the assimilation products.

The products are designed for assimilation on a scalable basis i.e. to not just teach new concepts; communicate or give information, but to help people digest the knowledge & live it in practice. (Read further to understand the challenge of designing products for assimilation at scale.)

Some ongoing/ upcoming projects that you maybe a part of: (i) enabling frontline service professionals develop a sense of pride and esteem in their role and find opportunities to create value for themselves, the company and customers (ii) enabling employees in government services develop a citizenship consciousness in their engagement with citizens (ii) enabling technical students to adopt future-ready mindsets and practices that will help prepare them for the fast-changing disruptive world of work they are entering (iv) enabling middle & high school children to respond to life situations in a strengthening manner that helps them be in a mode of continuous growth.   

You may be a good fit for the Assimilation Products Development team, if you resonate with the vision of enabling ‘human change at scale’ and if you have 3 or more of the following abilities – 

    • Ability to understand knowledge related to human development like self-esteem, mindsets, beliefs, etc.
    • Ability to structure a subject & construct arguments around a point of view
    • Narrative building ability
    • Composition ability
    • Scripting/ writing
    • Knowledge visualization ability

Explore before you connect with us: 

  1. The Illumine website:    
  2. See Illumine’s Foundation-arm & Consulting-arm which create the test beds & access into communities and corporate companies 
  3. Explore some of the ideas that Illumine works on – on our YouTube channel and Bookshelf. 
  4. Specific readings for you to explore the space of the work: 

To connect or apply, please send in your application with requested documents* to Ms. Maurvika Patnekar on or Ms. Sinduja Vummidi on 

*Support your application with the following –
(i) your latest resume with grades specified (ii) a half pager on your career journey so far & your aspiration for future (iii) samples of your product-building or research abilities like reports/ articles, books/ booklets/ guides that you have written & constructed; any video/ multimedia-based products made for learning/ understanding and (iv) a write-up explaining your approach & thinking behind the samples shared.