Role: Knowledge Visualizer

Join as a Knowledge Visualizer with our cognitive product development groups


Build products that empower people at a cognitive level to unleash human potential in individuals, communities, and organizations. 

As a Knowledge Visualizer you can contribute to the design and build different kinds of transformative products for various audiences (children, young adults, and working professionals) towards empowering and unleashing their inner potential.


This includes

  • Bringing alive the subject matter/ knowledge/ ideas by coming up with interesting and compelling visual design and representations
  • Visual composition and packaging of cognitive products into a slick, rich and impactful experience for the end-user
  • Visualizing real-life scenarios to bring out certain ways of thinking, behaviour and attitudes of people
  • Working with other team members (e.g. cognitive researchers, learning experts) and various external partners such as animators, illustrators, etc.
  • Taking ownership of delivering the final packaged product

You work on products (both digital and print) such as-

  • Coach-led program presentations, app-based micro-learning units
  • Self-assessment and self-discovery tools
  • Idea engagement products like small books and explainer AVs
  • Design toolkits

Are you interested in working for a larger purpose?

We work with school systems, university systems, youth, working professionals, large scale organizational change initiatives, social interventions & community development. Our goal is to bring about scalable transformation in the way people think of themselves – as individuals and collectives.


Who can apply?

  • You seek to push the frontiers of how visualization, visual design and communication can be leveraged to create transformative products and experiences
  • You have a consistent track record of excellence, with outstanding contributions and accomplishments in your discipline or area of study.
  • You possess an ability to think deeper on problems, innovate, find creative solutions – yet not get attached to one’s ideas or creativity.
  • You have the openness and ability to work collaboratively with people from multiple disciplines and backgrounds.
  • Illustration, multi-media design and other creative skills are a plus

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