Role: UI/ UX Designer

Looking for
UI/UX Designers
to join the Cognitive Products team

Design digital products that empower people at a cognitive level to unleash human potential in individuals, communities, and organizations. 

This is your opportunity to –

  • Leverage the power of “digital” to help individuals, organizations & communities design better responses to their life situations and unlock their potential.
    Some examples of our areas of work:
    • Helping organizations adopt new work cultures, new thinking capabilities and mindsets
    • Enabling sales personnel to be counselors rather than “push” products
    • Enabling youth to actively design their careers, rather than be passive degree holders
  • Work on projects that have large scale impact – in education, large businesses, community development.
  • Work with a multi-disciplinary team who bring different perspectives to the table. Practitioners in the area of cognitive measurement, learning & assimilation architecture, knowledge & business modeling, cognitive ethnography and technology.

What you will work on

UI/UX Design of digital platforms, services and tools that support coaching, design-based learning and self-assessment

What you should know about the role/ nature of work…

  • Our products fundamentally involve designing user’s engagement with knowledge. This demands you as a designer to engage deeply with new ideas and subject matter.
  • We work on building end to end whole products and evolving them in fast cycles (few days to a week) to realize the user outcome.
  • We always prioritize creating customer / user value and don’t let business goals distract our user focus.
  • In the pursuit of user outcomes, we are not wedded to a fixed set of processes, principles or schools of design. We try to synthesize multiple approaches and points of view to design new ‘hows’ (methodologies) that will make the design better.   

Who can apply?

  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience with at least 3-4 projects/ experiments with digital solutions
  • Preferred: If you can take end-to-end ownership – from research, visual design, prototyping and user testing, to working with UI designers, Illustrators and the Technology team to develop the final working product.
  • Preferred: If you have a track record of thinking from first principles and leveraging the power of the digital medium to create useful, effective tools and experiences.

To apply, please email your CV and work samples to