Role Profile

Role Profile: Value Leader

As a Value Leader, you will will be driving implementations of Illumine’s large scale business / social transformations. These implementations span across domains like careers, coaching, cognitive assessments, financial enablement, diagnostics etc. and impact several thousands of people ranging from a department level in a company/ educational institution to an institution-wide / state-wide implementation.

A quick checklist to know if you are the right fit:

  • Your motive
    You want to make a difference. You are not driven by power or promotion but by purpose and impact.
  • Your orientation
    You are a ‘builder’. You are highly outcome oriented and are capable of making things happen.
  • You have a high ownership capability
    You should have a demonstrable track record of ownership of project or at least worked in such environments that demand high level of ownership

Your role involves:

  1. Your primary role will be to drive value creation for Illumine’s future business lines/ existing consulting projects.
  2. You will assemble and work through ecology of specialized partners (like technology, learning, research etc.)
  3. You will engage with multiple stakeholders from the client side to meet deliverables/ outcomes
  4. You will build new strategies and approaches to ensure the success of the product / platform

Role Pre-requisites

  • You have a work experience of 3-5 years.
  • You have a consistent track record of excellence –academic or other areas
  • You are capable of working on equal terms with a highly intelligent, creative, result oriented multi-disciplinary group of people (from psychology, anthropology, engineering, mathematics etc.)

What is sacrosanct?

To us, philosophy is very important.

Illumine has a strong value system around helping clients build customer trust, delivering human-centric solutions, achieving win-win for all stakeholders – inside and outside, and empowering (not controlling) individuals.  We expect people who come in, to respect the client, keep the client’s interest at the center, and value the ideals described above. 


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