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Explore how you can work on wicked challenges in a knowledge era & build a career in it

  • Does the idea of a new career pathway to be a knowledge-based change practitioner excite you?

  • Do you want to co-create and build solutions to wicked challenges like mindset change, self-esteem, citizen-centricity, sustainable business, climate change and many more?

  • Are you keen to learn and apply new kinds of methodologies that make large-scale change a reality?

  • Are you inspired to build a positive future for humankind, where each one of us is able to help each other unfold our possibilities to the fullest?

Intrigued, and would you like to know more?


Sessions coming up -

Each Discovery Session is hosted & run by the different Practice Teams in Illumine. If you are keen to join any specific practice team, you can join those specific Sessions. We've seen people attend 2-3 sessions to get an overall understanding of Illumine.

Note: It is not compulsory to attend webinars to join Illumine. Attending any one of them gives you a better understanding of Illumine's work & enables you to make a more informed choice.

Cognitive Assessments
Likely to appeal to people from Psychology, Sociology, Counseling, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT/ REBT), Industrial Psychology, Organizational Development backgrounds

Cognitive Research
Research scholars/ MPhil/ PhD in Social Sciences having experience in Ethnography, Counseling, Social Work (with research) are likely to find it valuable.

Knowledge interventions & deployment
Relevant for people in Program management, Operations management, Project management, Deployment, OD interventions, Change management, MBA, Ed-Tech, HR L&D/ OD, Social Work, Development sector

Modeling Human Systems
Relevant to people from Pure Sciences like Mathematics, Business Design, Business research, Consulting, HR-OB, OD, Social science research, Ethnographers

'Physical design' to 'Knowledge design’
People from Design, Architecture, Information Design, Engineering, UI-UX backgrounds are likely to find it relevant.

Pedagogies for change
People from Education, Counselling, Instructional design, Learning & Development, Psychology, Ethnography, Social Work are likely to find it relevant

Coaching at Scale
Relevant for people with backgrounds & experience in Group Counseling, Coaching, Facilitation, Teaching, Training

*We believe that an individual's orientation is what matters & it is domain-agnostic. The backgrounds & domains mentioned for each session is only indicative.

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