Role: Cognitive Product Developers

Join the Cognitive Practices & Product Development Groups at Illumine 

Build products that empower people at a cognitive level to unleash human potential in individuals, communities, and organizations. 

This includes 

  • Designing new kinds of learning tools and engagement experiences
  • Developing measurement approaches that solve the challenge of how to measure mindsets and changes in thinking
  • Understanding how communities think and act
  • Building new kinds of technology applications that support and scale such interventions

You can be an expert or practitioner in  

  • Learning and teaching
  • Knowledge visualization and visual design
  • Assessments and analytics
  • Digital experiences and technology
  • Coach and practitioner development
  • Community research and ethnography
  • Or any other area that can contribute to the development of such products. (We are a multi-disciplinary team)

Are you interested in working for a larger purpose? 

We work with school systems, university systems, youth, working professionals, large scale organizational change initiatives, social interventions & community development.Our goal is to bring about scalable transformation in the way people think of themselves – as individuals and collectives.


Who can apply?

  • You have a consistent track record of excellence, with outstanding contributions and accomplishments in your discipline or area of study.
  • You have strong research & systematic study orientation.
  • You have high perceptual ability, ability to deal with abstract ideas, high tolerance for ambiguity.
  • You possess an ability to think deeper on problems, innovate, find creative solutions – yet not get attached to one’s ideas or creativity.
  • You have the openness and ability to work collaboratively with people from multiple disciplines and backgrounds.

To apply, please email your CV and work samples to