Inviting UI & UX Designers

Join Illumine's Knowledge Products team and build new kinds of work tools and learning experiences

Interested in building new kinds of digital products - new work tools and learning experiences

Some examples of the kinds of digital products you will get an opportunity to design:

  • new learning experiences which help users actively participate in a class and learn from peers

  • interactive self-learning experiences and textbooks of the future

  • new self-discovery tools which help learn more about ourselves, quantifiably and provide pathways for growth and improvement

  • work tools which help us adopt better ways of thinking and working, thereby multiplying our potential

Our philosophy

We believe that digital tech can be a powerful tool to strengthen and amplify human potential, open up new possibilities in ourselves.

How you will work: expect to work in quick ‘design–build–test’ sprints

  • You will plug into an “alpha product team”. It is a self-contained team which takes full responsibility for a digital product. Usually the alpha team works on new, high speed, product builds.

  • Such a team would include a product manager, a knowledge modeler, a learning architect, a measurement architect, an alpha tech builder and you, a UI/UX designer. Together the team produces working prototypes, tests it on the ground and improves it, until we have a solution which meets the set goals.

  • In this team, you will be responsible for ensuring a seamless user experience and delivering the UI screens.

  • This has the following implications:

    • Expect to be challenged by different perspectives (from the alpha team members) to create a more “whole solution”.

    • To be able to deliver designs at high speeds, you will need to have a strong grasp over the digital products medium. Therefore, individuals with at least 2-3 years of experience in building digital products are preferred.

Work Culture: We value commitment to purpose & excellence

  • People who thrive here are self-managed and take end-to-end responsibility for delivering a world class product.

  • We respect humility and openness to new and alternative perspectives.

  • We expect that you put purpose before self. Big individual egos are not tolerated.

  • We expect rigor in thinking, an eye for quality, beauty and user-centricity.

Dive Deeper

Explore Illumine’s philosophy and work through talks from the founder,
Srinivas Venkatram on our Youtube channel.

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About Illumine

Illumine is a research & innovation lab that specializes in the area of ‘meta-knowledge’. Meta-Knowledge shapes the way people think, work with ideas, engage with society and build their own life-philosophies.

Over 25 years, Illumine has worked with schools, universities, leading corporations and government institution across the country on how deep human change can be implemented at scale, with consistent change outcomes. Our knowledge & deployment technologies have enabled us to impact over 5 million people so far.

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